You think you've finished? Double check by asking these questions:


Have you:
  • Put in citations wherever you used someone else's information? (That means even when you just paraphrased)
  • Put a citation directly after each quote?
  • Placed quotation marks around anyone else's words?
  • Punctuated the citations according to the rules of citations that we studied earlier?


Have you:
  • Put a works cited list at the bottom of the FAQ page?
  • Listed every source that you used in your works cited?
  • Put your works cited list in alphabetical order?
  • Used at least three sources? One from the SD State Library? One from the general Internet?

The Writing

Have you:
  • Run your writing through a spell check?
  • Had someone else read over your paper to make sure there are no grammar mistakes?
  • Phrased each of your FAQ categories as questions?

The Organization

Have you:
  • Put information next to other information that is like it?
  • Followed your outline and put related things together?
  • Put your FAQ's in a logical order, helping to inform a reader who doesn't know about your topic?

The Last Details

Have you:
  • Sent Mr. Sheehy a teaser for the map that makes people want to read your page? (Add this to the bottom of your page so he can copy and paste it into the map.)