What do you do in Cancun?

One place you could go and relax at is the less famous Playa Del Rey where you can sit down and watch the ocean. There are some resorts by there so they can take you scuba diving, snorkeling, and deep sea diving. You could also get a nice tan while your there and enjoy the view (“Cancun Beaches”). There are many sites to go to while your there. One of the famous sites is a ruin of the old civilizations. They are covered with vegetation and cool to look at. It shows a lot of there culture and how they did stuff. Many of the resorts in Cancun are meant for honeymoons. They have special packages for couples on their honey moon. You can enjoy your self and with your spouse (“About Cancun”). Cancun has many good views. One of the best places or views to go to is Copper Canyon. A good place to go to is Divisadero at Copper Canyon. This place has the best view over Cancun is the best place to be (“Smith, Jeffery”).

How popular is Cancun?

Cancun is so well populated it has over 140 hotels and during summer and spring times all hotels and resorts are packed full for the whole year. Cancun brings in a total of 4 million people a year and they all come in the spring and summer time (“Cancun Beaches”). Over 60,000 people live there and it is packed full. Most of these people live in the Canyon Country. These people have lived there for over 400 years and they are still going strong (“Smith, Jeffery”).

What history is in Cancun?

Most of the sites on Cancun including many resorts have tours that they can take to ruins which have much history about who lived there and what they did (“About Cancun”). Much of the people that lived in these ruins were known as the Tarahumara people who have lived there for a long time and still do today. The Tarahumara people have lived there for over 400 years and still are going strong living the way their ancestors lived (“Smith, Jeffery”).

What geographic landmarks are in Cancun?

Cancun is known for having the most beaches in the world and they are all a site to see, with blue green waters and a view to die for (“Cancun Beaches”). Most of the sites and resorts are on the Pacific Coast line that gives a nice gentle breeze and has beautiful sites, with a vast oceanic view this place is amazing (“About Cancun”). Canyons are a big geographic site in Cancun, Copper Canyon is one of the most famous Canyons in the world, it is similar to the Arizona’s Grand Canyon in size and looks. The Urique Canyon is deeper then the Grand Canyon by several hundred feet and is more vast and wider by many miles. Divisadero is a place on the Copper Canyon site that is one of the greatest views in the world, where you can see all of the great Cancun (“Smith, Jeffery”).

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