Is California filled with fruits and nuts? Do the people pop out at you from bushes? The answer is yes. Is this all there is in California you will never know unless you click here.

Have you ever considered going to California? Have you heard bad things? Well California is one of the better tourist places in the good ole US of A. There are great attractions, Fun places, and my personal favorite the Ocean.

In California my favorite place to go along with many others is of course the ocean. There are many beaches famous beaches in California but one of the less known is Glass beach. This is an amazing sight, a beach with galss in the sand. I know what your thinking but the glass isn't sharp. This beach was a Junk yard about 30 years ago but eventually it was shut down, and over the years the garbage was washed into the ocean while the glass remaned behind. The sharp shards of glass were then naturaly rounded and polished by the ocean and now its a place in Fort Bragg, California just waiting to be recognized by the people of the world.