Have you ever thought about going rock climbing? Well if you haven’t maybe you should think about it. It’s great to just get out doors where there’s nothing to worry about and no distractions, and be with your friends or family. It’s also just a great time and there’s always a rock that’s suitable for you. Rock climbing has always been a great time and experience for me.

What is bouldering and why is it popular?

Bouldering is a fun sport that doesn’t cost a lot to get into. The main things you need to get into bouldering are rock climbing shoes, a chalk bag, and probably a crash pad. “Bouldering is preformed on rocks that are often smaller than a compact car, and it incorporates the pure elements of rock climbing: skill, tenacity, and power” (Raliegh). While boulders are not very tall and they easily take under a minute to climb, they make up for it for how difficult they are. Some climbers find the sport so much fun and intense that they will rarely every rope up again (Raliegh).

What are good Climbing spots in Colorado?

There are many climbing spots in Colorado but some of the best are Castlewood Canyon, Black Canyon, Rockies National Park, and The Garden of the Gods. The Garden of the Gods is located outside of Colorado Springs (Western). There are many routes you can climb, not the entire park is meant to be climbed (Western). The Rockies are also a great place to climb in Colorado because your never to far away, you can go to the Rockies National Park where there’s is more than 265,000 acres of space dedicated to the granite heights (Western). Another great place to climb is Black Canyon. “The cliff walls dramatically rise to 2,722 feet with the strong-flowing Gunnison River far below. The Black Canyon of the Gunnison is not a place for beginners, but if you’re looking to raise your credentials, this is the place” (Western). There are more then 140 documented routes in the Black Canyon. The main things in the Black Canyon are Overhangs and some huge jut outs in the rock (Western). The last place on my list is the Castlewood Canyon State Park. This canyon is a perfect place for beginners to gain their skills and confidence. This state park offers climbs of 20 to 60 feet, some with top rope lines or crack climbing (Western).

Why is the Garden of the Gods the most popular climbing spot in Colorado?

The Garden of the Gods is the most popular climbing spot in Colorado. "Garden of the Gods is a city park filled with red sandstone spires that defy the imagination (Garden)." The climbing area is only a couple of square miles. It has a wide range of rock faces from friction slabs to finger cracks (Garden). It’s also a good spot for climbers who are just beginning or climbers that have been climbing for years. "Routes in the Garden range from 40 to 400 feet in length, and range from 1-8 pitches in length. The rock becomes very fragile when wet and climbers must not climb after a rain or snow storm (Garden). “It’s is also one of the oldest climbing spots in North America (Garden).”

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Rock climbing is an amazing sport and if you want to climb some of the best rocks in the world go to Colorado.