Did Bob Marley have a rough life as a young boy???
The sad truth is yes….Bob Marley had an extremely tough life as a boy. He grew up with poverty, gang violence, drugs and alcohol. (Life and Legacy) When he was a boy things were very tough. He was a subject to alcoholic parents by which is father left as a boy so he did not have that special fatherly figure. (Life and Legacy) When he was barely a teen he moved to Kingston, Jamaica, one of the popular cities of Jamaica. He moved to lower income part of the city, also known as the Trenchtown/Ghetto. (Life and Legacy) Luckily, Bob had good friends who inspired him positive ways to write his music, such as Neville O’Riley Livingston, also known as Bunny helped Bob with his first positive steps towards music.

Was Bob Marley assassinated???
No Bob Marley was not assassinated….if fact he died of cancer. One day in London, Bob and the Wailers were playing a game of soccer when Bob hurt his toe….He thought nothing of it until one he day he got it checked. The hurt foot led to cancer, which spread through his entire body. Later Bob died of age 36 on May 11, 1981. Actually even though he died of Cancer, he was shot twice in home city Kingston after holding a free concert for the ghetto kids. Later after the concert two gunmen broke into Marley’s house and shot him twice. Bob would not return to Jamaica for 18 years after that. (Life and Legacy)

Was Bob Marley the Key to Rastafarian Religion???
The truth is….that YES!!! Bob Marley is the key and the only thing that was keeping the Rastafarian Religion alive. He was the main key and he relates to everything having to do with Rasta. When Bob died….everything collapsed. The Wailers broke apart and the Rasta just kind of died down. Bob was the main symbol and he was gone. I think that it’s pathetic that the other believers just let it die without one main guy…It’s just stupid.