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"Let us remember that we are on the site of the most gigantic cemetery in the world, a cemetery where there are no graves, no stones, but where the ashes of more than one million people lie." - Polish Culture Minister Waldemar Dabrowski, opening the Auschwitz ceremony

The location and set-up of Auschwitz:
Auschwitz is located on the outskirts of Oswiecim on the National road 933. The division of Auschwitz was done on November 22, 1943 divided into three different camps. The cause of this was because of the dificulties of runnining such a large camp. One of those camp was Auschwitz I, the main cam. "In August 1944 it held 16,00 people." Auschwitz II, also known as Birkenau, opened it doors in March 1942. Served as extermination center and a place were prisoners concentrated before going to the third Reich. Auschwitz III was also known monowitz Concentration camp and was the third camp created. Along with the three major camps there is also over 40 sub-camps connected onto Auschwitz. ("Memorial and Museum.")

What where some of the major dates of Auschwitz?
Some of the major dates of Auschwitz include the first prisoners and when the camp was liberated. Auschwitz resieved the first set of prisoners on June 14, 1940 (Rees.) But the first exicutions was on November 22 ("Memorial and Museum.") So that same yearso those first prisoners got about six mounths before they met their fate. Throught it's run Auschwitz had always been busy and packed but in 1944 they held 135 thousand prisoners, making it their peak summer. If you where to add it all together that means that just about 25% for the entire camp system was in the camp during the summer of 1944 ("Memorial and Museum.") The good news is that on October 1944 they closed the gas chambers, and finally the camp was liberated in January of 1945 (Rees.)

Who was in Auschwitz?
You my ask yourself Who? when talting about the holocast. I mean we all know that people of the Jewish faith where a big part of this extermnation but did you know that there where many other people of different bagkgrounds and hergtages that where excicuted during the holocost? Here are the numders of people from different backgrouns that where involved in the murders at Auschwitz, 216,000 jews, 11,000 Gypsies, at least 3,000 poles, 1,000 Byelorussians, Russians, Ukraninans, and meny others. All together there where just about 1.3 million people that where deported into Auschwitz. Don't think that children and young people where excluded from all of this madenss there where about 232 thousand children and young people under the age of eighteen registered into this concentration camp, and don't think about having a baby there because children born there were emediatly put to death, regardless of ethnicity, without being entered in camp records ("Memorial and Museum.")

The Head, The Experiments, and The Denial

Hitler. Most of us have heard that name before. Hitler was the head of the holocost, looking for blond hair and blue eyes. He head the Nazi party for years up to his death in 1945. Did you know that during its run Auschwitz held some pretty messed up experiments within its walls. Numerous german physicians practiced in chemical medical experiments on prisioners. These experimentors included Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler, SS Obergruppen Funrer Ernst Grawitz, The Cheif physician of SS police and SS-Standartenfuhrer Wolfram Sievers, and others ("Memorial and Museum.") Hans Munch was also one of those Nazi Doctors (Winik.) Denial is still a very present in the descusion of the Holocost many people and orginizations still to this day deny the fact that anything happened ("Memorial and Museum.")

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