Angel Falls

Angel Falls the most spectacular thing you could possibly see! Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world. It is approximately 3,287 feet or 1,002 meters. It is 19 times taller than North Americas Niagara Falls. There are only two ways you can see this amazing site one way is from the air in a small airplane, the other is an excursion that starts with a 3 hour and a half navigation upstream the Carrao and Churun Rivers. From there it is a one hour walk through the exquisite jungle and that will take you right to the base of the falls! Not to mention Angel Falls is one of the seven wonders of the world! Welcome to a world of things your eyes have never seen before.(“Angel Falls”)

How big is Angel Falls?
At 3,287 feet (1,002 meters) tall, Angel Falls is more than 19 times taller than North America's Niagara Falls. There are two ways to see the Angel Falls. One of them is from the air in an small airplane. The other one is an excursion that starts with a 3 hour and a half navigation upstream the Carrao River, and then the Churun river. From there, a one hour walk through the jungle takes you to the base of the falls. Another place from where you can enjoy the Angel Falls and the Auyantepuy in all its splendor is the Raton Island. Angel Falls is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, it dose more for tourism than it does for the environment. (“Angel Falls.”) It is three times bigger than the Empire State Building. As you can see Angel falls is most defiantly and extraordinary place to go visit so if you are planning a family vacation, but aren’t so sure on where to go check out on going to Angel falls! You will Always remember the trip, and the things you will see that can’t be seen any where else, will be the most remember able thing.

What is Angel Fall’s history?
Angel Falls was discovered by Jimmie Angel, an American bush pilot, he was hired by the Venezuelan government to carry out geologic explorations. He was primarily searching for gold in 1935, but instead he found a waterfall that appeared to be higher than any ever seen before. He was flying over a tributary of the River Caroni in the Guyana highlands. In 1949, under the leadership of journalist Ruth Robertson, the National Geographic Society mounted an expedition to accurately measure Jimmie Angel's falls. Reluctant to approach "Devil Mountain," the Pemon porters painted their faces red to guard themselves against evil spirits. Ruth Robertson discovered that the falls' first main drop of 2,648 feet made it the single most uninterrupted drop in the world. Although at 3,212 feet the falls are short of Jimmie Angel's estimated one mile, they are 16 times the height of Niagara Falls, and the world's highest falls. (“Jimmie”)

Where is it located?
Angel Falls is located in Venezuela. It is in the western part of Canaima National Park, is the Auyantepuy, one of the largest and better known "angel falls" (A flat top mountain ending with vertical walls).(“Angel falls”) Venezuela is one of the most beautiful places to go visit. It has many great tourist attractions, if you visit Venezuela be sure to take some time and go to Angel Falls. It is assured to be worth your time and effort to get there. You will most definitely enjoy it just as much as everyone else that has been there has. I highly recommend going to Angel Falls, take the family, take friends, it would be a great deal of fun if you go with the people you enjoy being around the most! Then you would be able to say you have been to at least one of the seen wonders of the world!

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