Q1. What are some monuments in Rome? external image tiber-island.jpg
Rome is famous for its art and old buildings. There are some buildings that have been around for what seems like forever. There was a hospital built during the time of the plague. The hospital was supposedly built to contain the plague in one spot. This was constructed on the Tiber Islands. They say the Hospital or also called the Temple was built for the sacred healing snake the Romans brought back from ancient Greece. They also say that the snake fell out of the boat on the way back to Rome and wrapped itself around a pole that’s how the paramedics got its symbol (Akay). There are other places like the Forum it was built at the end of inauguration in September 26th 46 A.D. Another place is Constantine’s Arch; it was built for Emperor Constantine at the end of the Maxintus battle (“Monuments of Rome”). There is also places that were used for events like the Circus Maximus, and the Coliseum.
Q2. What is the Circus Maximus?
The Circus Maximus was the largest building in Rome until the built the Coliseum. The building has a capacity of 250,000 people. The people of Rome use the Circus Maximus for fighting; animals and people, they also do something no other place does, and they fill theexternal image 230_026c.jpg arena with water and have battles on boats. I want to know how they get the water to stay in the arena long enough to fight. The first fight in this place was in the summer 190 a riot broke out in the middle of the arena and the man who got blamed for everything was Emperor Commodus. The Circus Maximus and the Coliseum are a lot alike but the Maximus has boat fighting unlike the Coliseum (“Monuments of Rome”).
Q3. What is the Coliseum?
The Coliseum is a Roman monument where major events happen. The Coliseum has events like horse racing and thexternal image Colosseum.jpgey also have animal and gladiator fights. The building is kinda like a huge event center, it seats 55,000 people. The coliseum was named Neros Colossus and when it opened there was a 100 day celebration for the opening. The Coliseum was the biggest building untill the Circus Maximus opened in 190. The coliseum is a huge tourist attraction. The Coliseum is also one of the oldest buildings around (“Monuments of Rome”).

O4. Was their any tourists when Rome was first dicovered?
When the Roman eexternal image roman-forum-large.jpgmpire was first established they had tourists back then. People thought of Rome as a dirty city with no morals. There was kids running around , garbage everywhere. Eventually some people of the town decided to write a tour book so peole could find their way around the city. The first book was called Einsiedeln ltinerary it was the most famous tour guide book writen. The people who came were not there to fix anything in the city they were just looking for a place to stay but when artists started to realize the old buildings would be one of the best places to paint things were getting fixed up. The artifacts that were saved from Rome back then are now in museums (Hambleton).

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